UFLP – The Name That Says It All

The definition of a management trainee program has been thrown around for the last few years; with every big company coming up with a similar program. So what sets Unilever apart?

With more than 20 years of experience in molding hundreds of Vietnamese people, we have incomparable and highly proven demonstration of our leadership training capability. Whether it is through our leading brands, or through leaders who have shaped these iconic brands.

Unilever in the market is known as a ‘Leadership Factory’. Why? Because Unilever believes & recognizes ‘everybody has potential for specific purpose’. Our belief is that everyone is a rough diamond, awaiting the guidance of an expert to be polished and shine in their uniqueness.

Unilever not only empowers you far more than industry standards, but also provides you world class training and tools to make it easy for you to perform at your best potential. In other words, help you to polish yourself and emerge as a diamond.So shine with us;Shine in the environment that speaks enables market leader, not just in business growth, but also in building a sustainable future;

Shine in the family that not only grows you, but also cares for your well-being;

Shine in the culture that not only listens to your idea, but also treasures and celebrates it;

YOU will be your best at Unilever!

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