Tips for your Discovery Day

Discovery Day is your day to shine!

1. Make the most of it. The selection day is designed to give us a realistic picture of you and your abilities – to find out exactly what makes you tick and see if you possess the innovative, drive and ambition to help propel Unilever to greater heights. In addition, it will also give you an insight into the way we work and give you the opportunity to meet some of our senior leaders as well as our current graduates.

2. Speak up. During the team meetings, it may be difficult to voice your opinion with other candidates trying to do the same thing, but make sure you get your point across and give your input. If you do not contribute to the team meeting and say nothing, we will not have any evidence to evaluate you for that exercise.

3. Prepare. Build up an understanding of the business and your business area of interest in advance. While this is an important part of the recruitment process, try not to be too stressed about it, and don’t forget to smile.

4. Ask your own questions. This selection process is a two-way process, so feel free to ask any questions at any stage.

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