Tips for Online Interview

1. If you have passed the Pymetrics Games, within 2 hours, you would receive email from Unilever to invite you to join next round: Online Interview

2. You can record the video anytime, anywhere with your PC, laptop or smart phones/ devices within 7 days upon invitation receipt. Kindly note that a webcam and micro are required.

3. Prepare a paper to highlight your key points. You would have a few times to prepare for the answer.

4. The question will be delivered in English but you can choose to answer in English or Vietnamese.

5. Create a distraction-free environment. It is important to treat the on demand interview as though it was a face-to-face interview.

6. Look at the camera, not at the screen. Looking at your webcam while speaking gives the feeling of eye contact to the assessor.

7.  Dress as you would for a traditional face-to-face interview. Your dressing will play an important part in making a good impression.

8. Log in early to run the system set up; check your camera, connection and microphone.

9. Good wifi connection is highly-recommended.

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