Tips for Online Application Form

1.      Download the Application Guideline and read carefully.

2.      Prepare ONLY 1 CV in file format .doc or .pdf with the name: [abbreviation of your choice function: CD, MKT, UFS, HR, FIN, SC]_[first name]_[email].

3.      At any time, you can save your Application Form and finish it later.

4.      Carefully check all the information filled prior to your submission because you are NOT to allow to edit them once submitted.

5.      It may take you maximum 10 minutes to fill the application form without distraction.

6.      If you have any concerns or queries while you are applying for the Program, here are our always-on supporting system:

–           Website:

–           Facebook Unilever Careers:

–           Hotline: (+84) 914 398 487

–           Email:

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