1. Who can apply for UFLP?

UFLP is open for all Vietnamese fresh graduates. The eligible participants should possess following features:

o   Vietnamese nationality with Bachelor or MBA degree,

o   Fresh graduates or less than 2 year full-time working experience by the time of application,

o   Accumulative GPA from 7.0/10 or equivalent..

2. Are Vietnamese students studying abroad eligible for the program?

Yes, they are. However, Unilever Vietnam will not cover for international travel cost of Vietnamese students to return to Vietnam while you join the program.

3. I joined UFLP and failed. Am I still eligible for this year program?

Past participants of UFLP who didn’t progress to Assessment Center are still eligible for UFLP 2017 as long as they meet all eligibility requirements listed above.

4. How many UFLPs will you be hiring this year?

We will not be constrained by number but more by finding the right talent profile for Unilever. For your reference, in 2016 we selected 15 UFLPs.

5. What is the program duration?

UFLP offers 3-year development roadmap to set you ready for managerial role and long-term career journey in Unilever.

6. What functions are you recruiting for?

We recruit UFLPs for all functions: Customer Development (Sales), Marketing, Supply Chain (including Manufacturing, Procurement, Logistics…), Finance, Human resources.

7. Can students from any disciplines apply for UFLP?

Students from any disciplines, universities, regions are welcomed to UFLP. At Unilever, we see way beyond what is written in your resume or your transcript or even your university’s reputation. We are not looking for the best; we are looking for the most suitable. We disagree with the notion that “Only people study in business school will be good in making business”. We have seen technical students or engineers become our top-leaders. We have seen graduates with non-Economics background transformed into business leaders. We trust your potential, rather than your background. We trust your true self and passion, rather than your titles. We trust you for who you are, regardless of where you are from and what you studied.


1. How different is the new selection process?

Our new selection framework shifts away from traditional ways of assessing candidates. The focus of this new digitalized process will now be on the traits that make a good fit in Unilever. New process is faster, more fun and you will receive personalized feedback at each level of the selection.

2. How can I apply for the program?

Please download our Digital Application Process and follow the instruction. Do remember to upload your CV when you complete the application form.

3. I am applying for the Marketing function and I have a strong interest in a specific brand. Can I choose the team I wish to work with?

You are welcomed to indicate your preference. However, the position will be considered based on your traits, skills/experiences and available opportunities. We will also look at roles that will offer the maximum growth opportunities for you.

4. I submitted my application a few days ago, but did not receive any update. How can I check the status of my application?

An acknowledgement email will be sent to you within a few hours of your application submission. Do check your junk mail or spam folder as it may be directed there. If you are using Gmail, the email may also be automatically sorted under the ‘Promotions’ tab.

Alternatively, you can return to the application portal and click on ‘View Email Messages’ under the role you have applied to view all the correspondences that were sent to you.

5. I have received the online games/interview invitation emails. How long do I have to complete them?

You have 07 calendar days to complete each level of the selection, after which, it will be considered that you have chosen not to proceed with your application and the URLs will expire.

6. How can i prepare for the Profile Assessment Games?

No preparation is needed - and no gaming experience is required for you to play these games, but feel free to try out some of the sample games that we will send you if you have passed the first round of the application process.

7. How long do the games take to complete? Can it be played on mobile?

The games will take the candidates 20-25 minutes to play through in total. There will be 12 games for them to play. They will be able to jump in and out of playing the games as required. The games don’t have to be played in one sitting, and can be done on a computer or smartphone. Good wifi connection is highly recommended.

8. I am currently attempting online games and interview and experiencing some difficulties. How can I request for support?

The support websites/email addresses are listed in the invitation emails sent to you. Besides, you can also reach out to us at website www.unilever-careers.vn, Facebook: www.facebook.com/UnileverCareersVietnam.

9. I have just completed online games and haven’t started on online interview yet. Why am I receiving a rejection email?

Only successful candidates will be invited to complete further levels of the selection. Therefore, it is not an automatic progression.

10. I am interested in multiple functions that UFLP offers. Can I submit more than 01 application?

We require all candidates to carefully consider the functions available and only apply to the one that you are most interested in.

11. Will candidates be notified whether they are through to the next round?

Yes, all candidates will be communicated on result of each selection round.

12. Are there any chances to learn more about Unilever, its functions and UFLP development roadmap?

To support students with above mentioned details, series of Career Day will be organized in Hanoi & HCMC in Mid-Feb 2017. Please follow our website and Facebook for latest news.

13. Do I have to relocate to Ho Chi Minh City to join the program?

Yes. UFLPs are requested to relocate to Ho Chi Minh City and work at Unilever Vietnam Homebase, 156 Nguyen Luong Bang, Dist.7. Other than that, you may have 4-6 months working in field sales, 1-month rural stint and 6-month international rotation.