Development Roadmap

What is so great about UFLP? (Aside from the fact that you will be developed and trained in the 3-consecutive-year-crowned Vietnam Best Place to Work)

It is a unique exciting journey for your career, starting with a lifetime experience crunched in first 3-4 years! Put on your helmet, you are going for a wonderful ride.

1. The Magical 3-Year Package

At Unilever, we believe that it takes 3 full years for anyone to fully comprehend the complexity of the company structure as well as to build up a complete sense of critical business thinking; yet, we promise that we will make those 3 years packed with excitement and new exposure.



At the end of your 3 years being an UFLP, you will be graduated, become a manager of Unilever Vietnam and continue establishing your impact, your footprint in your field of choice. UFLP is just a kick-start journey for a greater adventure ahead of you with new challenges, new excitements. As long as you are in Unilever, we ensure you that your talent will only shine brighter and better.


2. Cross-Function Rotations and International Rotations

UFLP does not keep you at one position throughout your thrilling 3 years with us. We believe connections and exposures shape one’s leadership and we will give you the opportunity to maximize those two areas. You will have rotations within and across your chosen functions as well as an international stint where you will be given a special chance to work in another Unilever Homebase located in a different country. Each rotation will last from 6 to 9 months to ensure your chance of widening your perceptions, deepen your understanding about the interconnected world of Unilever and enriching your person connections to personnel of different functions or of different countries.


All UFLPs, regardless of functions, will be attending Customer Development (CD) Stint as the first adventure. If you think you know everything there is about Sales or CD, think again. You will be introduced to the most dynamic team in Unilever Vietnam in both Distributive Trade (the traditional distributors, retailers, etc.) and Modern Trade (the supermarkets, etc.), working side by side with retailers and consumers of Unilever’s product. This is to help you understand and acquire the most fundamental knowledge of how Unilever works in the market, how our products are delivered to end-consumers, how we are competing with dozens of competitors out there. This is not an easy task, but it is surely a fascinating area of the business.


While most of the time in Unilever, you will get to work in the urban, let us not forget the fact that 70% of Vietnamese are living in the rural area, and this is a huge area of focus for us. As UFLPs, you will be given a chance to really be in the rural, being, living and interacting with real rural persons. You will get shocked when you realize how little you know about their lives, and how much Unilever as a corporate as well as every Unilever’s product as a brand can help improving lives of millions of Vietnamese. You might hear this sentence a lot when talking about Unilever, and this Rural Stint will show you how Unilever has been and will always be aiming for that target.


It is because, at Unilever, we care!